Keeping #score

With football season back in action, I was reminded of an older post on another blog that I had written which I don’t seem to find anywhere..:( But in short to give a background it was about how at any point of time a guy asks another guy “what’s the score?” and the other guy apparently exactly knows what he is being asked and happens to know all the scores. It is some guy thing I guess. So before kids I was thinking of finding what women can keep score of? Like hot guys on the soccer field or the new cute guy in the office , etc etc..

And then I became a mom. And now keeping score has a whole different meaning in a mom’s life. Right from conception we keep scores. How many weeks are you? I am 10. When is your Due Date? How many babies have you got? How old is your baby? How many more are you having? Which school does he go to? How does the school rank? How do you keep so thin and healthy after 5 babies? I have only one and I look like a grandma. What is your doctor’s number? How many times did you get induced in all these pregnancies? I had a natural birth.. How many C Sections did you have? Where is your daughter’s birthday party at? What is the theme? I am doing the fancy tea party.. how about you? Did you take any new born pictures? We took them every month. Infact we even used Sticky bellies for our pictures.. How cute.. How Cute..!!!And the new thing.. how many likes did you get? I got 400.. how about you? only 20? oh you need to post something cuter.. really you have to..!! I mean why shouldn’t you get more likes? That is what life is all about .. isn’t it? How many vacations do you go to? I go only on International Vacations.. I go only to beaches.. My kid is awesome on planes.. how is yours? Mine is horrible.. I bring candies for the passengers.. How many people stared at you at the restaurant today? 5? For me it was the whole restaurant!!

Blah Blah Blah…How … why.. what’s your score??? Uff! I feel like as moms we keep up with too many things.. Sometimes we let things pass by and some we take to heart.. Why can’t we be just a little more like guys and just worry about our favorite team scores and forget about other things for just a few minutes..Or maybe just stick to looking at eye candies at the football games and keep less scores of our personal lives?

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