A Pregnant Valentine’s Day with a twist in perspective

Valentine’s Day is almost here! Though many of you think it is a day for singles or new couples, I think it is an excellent day for a married or expecting couple to rekindle their romance! Being pregnant puts a lot of focus on the woman anyways. I think Valentine’s Day ┬áis a great day […]

Keeping #score

With football season back in action, I was reminded of an older post on another blog that I had written which I don’t seem to find anywhere..:( But in short to give a background it was about how at any point of time a guy asks another guy “what’s the score?” and the other guy […]

Gifting Diaper Cakes

Well first let me start by saying this, My motto is I should be able to afford everything for my baby and everything that is gifted to me or the baby in the baby shower or before or after delivery or during birthdays is a blessing and am very thankful to everyone who has ever […]